VitalsBridge 4 Out Now

Intracranial Pressure, iOS Support, Field-Upgradable and More!

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Fake Monitors? Get Real.

Enable learners to interpret vital signs using the same patient monitors used in their clinical practice.

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Any Simulation, Any Monitor

Display simulator vital signs on a real patient monitor using the VitalsBridge.

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Fetal/Maternal Simulations

Use real patient fetal and maternal monitors in your OB simulations.

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The VitalsBridge is the new standard for pairing simulation manikins and real patient monitors.
Use the VitalsBridge with any manikin or any standardized patient.
The VitalsBridge can help add equipment fault algorithms to simulations.


The Bridge Between Simulations and Real Patient Monitors

A typical medical simulation includes a sophisticated manikin, doll, or actor connected to a computer screen that displays simulated vital signs. This gives clinicians-in-training an opportunity to diagnose and "treat" the manikin appropriately based on the data displayed on the screen. However, the computer display of vital signs does not give an accurate representation of a real-world scenario because it lacks the authenticity of an actual patient monitor. These monitors range from basic displays for a nursing station to highly complex ICU monitors with interactive menus that require significant training. The typical clinician training in a traditional simulation lab does not have the opportunity to learn and practice using these ICU monitors before actually working with real patients.

The VitalsBridge is a simple product that links your simulated patient (low- or high-fidelity manikins or standardized patients) with any modern patient monitor, including those manufactured by Philips, GE, Covidien Medtronic, Spacelabs, Welch Allyn, Zoll, and many more. This means your simulated data can now be displayed on the same monitors that clinicians will use daily in the workplace. Utilizing the VitalsBridge in your simulation lab will enable clinicians to leave fully trained on the very equipment they will use in their clinical setting.

VitalsBridge4 now available

The VitalsBridge4 is now available! New hardware, additional vital signs and upgraded applications are just part of what the VitalsBridge4 offers.

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