VitalsBridge FM (Fetal & Maternal Monitoring)

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Use Real Fetal & Maternal Monitors in your OB Simulations

The VitalsBridge FM presents the vital signs from both maternal and infant patient simulators onto a commercially available patient monitor. It increases simulation realism allowing learners to interpret these vital signs using the same patient monitor used in their clinical practice.

  • The following signals are supported:
    • Uterine Activity (Toco)
  • • Fetal Heart Rate (Doppler Ultrasound)
  • • Maternal Non-Invasive Blood Pressure
  • • Maternal SPO2
  • • Maternal ECG

Higher Fidelity OB Simulations Enhance Training

Use the VitalsBridge with your manikins or standardized patients and any clinical maternal and fetal patient monitor for a more realistic simulation. Just like the VitalsBridge 100-300 models, you control the simulation from the VitalsBridge Connector Application on a laptop, tablet or phone. You can also use patient simulator software interface (such as LLEAP) and maternal and fetal vital signs are seamlessly updated on a real patient monitor.

The VitalsBridge FM will be available for purchase sometime in the 2nd quarter of 2019. If you are interested in more information, please contact us.

A Quick Introduction to the VitalsBridge FM

VitalsBridge Phillips Monitor

VitalsBridge FM