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Enhance Your Simulations and Training

In-Situ Patient Simulation

Bridge the gap between simulation equipment and REAL clinical MONITORS.

Higher Fidelity Simulation

More realism using the VitalsBridge equals HIGHLY EFFECTIVE critical care simulations.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Simulation

NEW REALISTIC CAPNOGRAPHY realistically simulates codes according to updated Advanced Cardiac Life Support guidelines.

Vetting EMRs under Simulation

Capture simulator vital signs with any combination of monitor and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. This is ideal for simulation-based training and testing of existing EMRs and testing new EMR installations/updates.

Nuanced Standardized Patient Simulation

New details can improve realism and quality of your standardized patient simulations using the VitalsBridge.

More Comprehensive Training

Healthcare providers use real patient monitors to record and interpret vital signs enabling clinical training on more complex patient monitoring functions.

Simple connection of the VitalsBridge and real monitors provides both instructors and students a more nuanced experience that more accurately parallels real clinical experiences. This translates into better-trained and more confident health care providers.

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VitalsBridge In Action

VitalsBridge Small Monitor

VitalsBridge Blue Monitor