Increase Simulation Realism

Display Simulator Vital Signs on a Real Patient Monitor

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Enhance Your Simulations

The VitalsBridge allows you to use your manikin with your facility's equipment and space for training.

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A Complete Training

The VitalsBridge shows Heart Rate, Resipriation via ECG Impedance, Plethysmography waveform, SpO2 and more on a real patient monitor.

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The VitalsBridge is THE NEW standard for pairing simulation manikins and REAL patient monitors.
NEXT GENERATION simulations require the VitalsBridge.
The VitalsBridge can help add EQUIPMENT FAULT Algorithms to simulations.


The Bridge Between Simulations and Real Patient Monitors

Historically, medical simulation has included sophisticated manikins that are connected to a computer monitor that displays simulated vital signs. This gives clinicians an opportunity to diagnose and "treat" the manikin appropriately based on the data displayed on the monitor. However, the computer display of vital signs is not interactive and does not truly represent an accurate real- world scenario because it lacks a true ICU monitor. These monitors are often complex with interactive menus and require significant training. A clinician training in a simulation lab finishes his or her training without the opportunity to learn and use these ICU monitors.

The VitalsBridge is a simple black box that links your manikin (Laerdal SimMan 3G, SimMan Essential, etc.) with such ICU monitors and spot-check and respiration specific monitors such as the Philips Intellivue, GE CareStation, Spacelabs, etc. This means your simulated manikin data can now be displayed on the same monitor that clinicians will use in a real world scenario. In addition to clincial training, utilizing the VitalsBridge in your simulation lab will enable clinicians to leave fully trained on the very equipment they will use in their clinical setting.

Ready to Connect your manikin and your real patient monitors?

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